Discovering a wasp nest in your home can leave you both fearful and stressed. Wasps may look like bees, but they are known to be more aggressive and harmful. Call Bestokill and get quality wasp control services – we know what we’re doing.


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12-22 days

Wasps Are Dangerous

Wasps find nesting spots around flower and plant life. They are also attracted to sticky soda spills and garbage cans that can be used as a source of food. Wasps near or inside your home can cause hinderances in your outdoor activities overtime. Wasps can also attack or sting you if they are disturbed.

Professional Wasp Exterminators Near Me

Bestokill provides excellent wasp pest control with our effective 3 step IPM program that makes sure that once the wasps leave, they never come back. Get rid of pests with our wasp control in Barrie in no time.

100 Customer Satisfaction

Bestokill’s wasp control in Barrie provides a safe and seamless experience that will get rid of wasp nests from your home. Our wasp pest control strategies include our wasp killer spray that will make sure to remove all wasps from your property. This wasp control spray is formulated to be applied directly on to the nest or the entrance when it’s concealed. This spray will ensure that the pests don’t return once they are removed.