Have you come across rodent droppings on your kitchen counter, cabinets, and pantry? Act before it’s too late! Call BestoKill for quality rat pest control services – we know what we’re doing.


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12-22 days

Rodents Are a Serious Issue

Rats are extremely dangerous since they can cause serious damage to your health and property. They can spread diseases by contaminating food and tend to gnaw on anything they can find. This can include water pipes, plaster, AC and heater ducting and even electrical cables.

Professional Mice Exterminators

BestoKill provides excellent rodent pest control services with our unique 3 step IPM program that makes sure that once the rodents leave, they never return. Get rid of pests and rodents with our rat control in Barrie in no time.

100 Customer Satisfaction

BestoKill’s rat exterminators guarantee a safe and seamless experience that will remove rodents from your property. Our expert mice exterminators always prioritize your safety and comfort while they do their best to solve all your pest related issues.