Moths are a common household pest that is undesirable due to their ability to (as larvae) eat through clothes. There are multiple types of moths.

Common Clothes Moth

These moths are usually very papery in colour and are usually anywhere from 6-8mm in size. The larvae are white with a black head and tend to be about 10mm in length.

Brown House Moth

These moths are typically brown in colour and may have about 4 dark spots scattered throughout their wings. The adults can grow to be anywhere from 8-14mm in length. The larvae are typically white with a dark brown head and can be up to 20mm in length.

White-Shouldered House Moth

These moths are typically brown with black markings with a white head. And can grow to be 6-10mm in length. The larvae for this moth can be up to 12mm in length and white in colour with a reddish-brown head.