Whether you need to get rid of ants in your house, in the lawn or under your pavers – we are here to solve your ant problem. Call Bestokill – we know what we’re doing.


Red or Black


6 to 12 mm


4 to 12 months

Ants Are Serious Business

A few species of ants can transmit diseases, some of them can damage wood and some can even sting which cause severe allergic reactions. Ants can easily contaminate food with the bacteria in their body which can create nuisances and transmit diseases.

Professional Ant Killers

Bestokill – your local ant killing service has certified and professional ant killers who guarantee to keep pests out of your home. We use our effective 3 step IPM program to make sure that our ant pest control does its job.

Different Classes of Ants

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants vary in size from 3.5mm to 13mm long. They are mostly black in colour but it is not uncommon to see them in reddish or yellowish tints as well. These ants are especially destructive because they are a wood boring insect and can cause serious damage to your home or property. They are especially attracted to any dead trees, or wood that contains a lot of moisture in it.

Pavement Ant

Pavement Ants, which for the most part make their homes in pavements, are little (1/8–1/16-inch long). They are dark earthy colored ants, with paler legs and antennas. The mid-region is all Black. They are recognized by two spines on the back, two nodes on the petiole, and grooves on the head and chest. Their colonies can be respectably enormous. They generally show up in June or July; but they have also been seen during months.

Fire Ant

Fire ants get their basic name from their ability of painful bites and stings. These are dull reddish-brown colored ants. When attacking, fire ants first utilize their mandibles to hold their prey, and afterward infuse venom through a stinger. Fire aunt stings are painful for most people and deadly to a few: if a casualty encounters an extreme reaction, for example, sweating, nausea, or severe itching, emergency medical services should be reached right away.

100 Customer Satisfaction

Our ant control in Barrie provides a safe and seamless experience that will get rid of ant colonies, scent trails, other possible entries and nest locations from your home. Our ant pest control strategies include chemical and non-chemical methods to ensure the best and safest results for your home.