Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management

The first step in our pest management program is to Evaluate.

Evaluate: Our first step is to identify the pest you have. After identification, our highly skilled technicians will inspect the home/business to find any conditions that may be causing the infestation and promoting the growth of the infestation. This may include thorough inspections on the inside and outsides of the properties.

The next step after we Evaluate is to Act

Act: As citizens of this earth our priority is to take the most environmentally friendly approach as possible if we can fix the problem without the use of insecticides or pesticides we will. If the issue requires insecticides or pesticides for treatment, we use the absolute necessary amount of product for the job to ensure the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly job possible.

Our last step is to Prevent

Prevent: We don’t want to be your short-term solution for pest control, we want to be your long-term solution for pest control. Our technicians will work closely with you to identify any possible methods of prevention you can put in place to make sure that you don’t have to face that infestation again.